The Teacher's Journey

Release Date: May 14th, 2018

The Teacher's Journey is a thoughtful trek through the joys and perils of our profession. Brian Costello weaves real examples with practitioner-friendly insights to guide readers on an incredible journey. Whether you're just starting your journey or already a master teacher...prepare to be inspired!

Dr. Brad Gustafson, Best Selling Author of Renegade Leadership and Nationally Distinguished Principal

"The Teacher's Journey" by Brian Costello invites the reader to follow his journey while creating the reader's own. Mr. Costello discusses teacher preparation, the value of social media and one's Professional Learning Network (PLN), the politics of education, the value of appropriate mentoring, the heroes in education, and the belief that the journey is all about helping kids grow and thrive in a productive society taking on the role of heroes in their own place and time.

Michael G. Curran, Jr., Professor, Teacher Education

The Teacher's Journey is a powerful collection of thoughts, anecdotes, and musings regarding the journey that we all take, in some form! I truly love the premise that though the journey is unique, it is crucial that we embrace that journey and follow the path to where it leads us. I love how the book unfolds and draws on the experiences of many! It isn't always clear what you will face on the journey but in this book, you will be encouraged to know that the journey (the process) can be just as majestic as arriving at your destination. In fact, the path continues as learners and developers. You will not be the same, think the same or act the same way after you truly take in the thought-provoking ideas and revelations in these pages. I am grateful to know that though the journey is long and arduous at times, I am not alone. This is certainly a reminder to me.

Dene Gainey, Grades 4-5 ELA/Tech/Gifted Teacher, and Author of Journey to the “Y” in You

I was fortunate to know in high school that I wanted to be a teacher. For Brian Costello in “The Teacher’s Journey”, his path to his own classroom took a few twists and turns before he found his true calling. Brian candidly shares his experiences, lessons, and suggestions to help new teachers, and those considering the profession, feel supported, encouraged, and empowered. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your story!

Dr. Mark French, Elementary Principal